Made for the 72 hour Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam - #ldjam38

Start as a small planet known as Plutus gathering space debris to become the biggest celestial body in the known universe!

They say the "rock" you call home is too puny to count as a planet! Show the universe what a real planet is! Traverse the solar system using rocket boosters to guide your planet and absorb everything in sight smaller than your planet to increase it's mass. Consume various space debris, satellites and even OTHER PLANETS! Collect exciting power ups and avoid larger bodies and black holes in your mission to become the biggest and baddest planet around. Consume all the planets to win! Make them fear the name Plutus!
  1. Title Screen
  2. Game Over
  3. In Game
  4. Start Small
  5. Neptuune
  6. Heads Up - You got bigger!
Want to see a full feature game of "Plutus"?

Let us know! We want to get as much feedback from you, our players, on everything you would like to see in the game. This includes feedback and suggestions on everything from gameplay mechanics to menu options. So now is your chance to get involved in the games development if it is going to become an official FULL game release. If you think something should be in the game be as detailed as possible and also include WHY you think it would be a good adittion.

NOTE: All suggestions will be subject to review and all final decisions will be made by the development team on whether or not something should be included. If we use your idea and a final product is made we will include your name in a "special thanks" credit (if you choose - don't enter name if you wish to opt-out).


Please note this game was made in 3 Days and will have a few bugs until the Ludum Dare voting is over. Below is a comprehensive list of what bugs we are currently aware of and will fix once it is over. We can/will only fix bugs before then IF the bug is GAME BREAKING - as in becomes unbeatable due to the bug. Be as detailed as possible when submitting the report.

  • Thruster overlay visual glitch (gets knocked off center of player)
  • Sun and some planet hit boxes change with scaling down
  • Power-ups don't always work more than once
  • Shield visual does not center properly
  • Planet Tracking arrow does not always point to a planet you can destroy
  • Some items appear too big to collect but can be
  • Some items appear small enough to collect but can't be
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