About Us

Apostate is a term referring to someone who refuses to continue to follow, obey, or recognize a certain idealogy. Usually it's used in reference to religion or politics but in our case it refers to the idealogies of game development and the industry.

It also means we as a team strive to take a different approach to independent game development - we strive to find a better method then the typical trends in the game market and to try our best to hit a new niche with each title. Currently we see an astounding number of clones, asset flip games or micro-transaction heavy games hitting the market, something we will be avoiding like the plague as much as possible.

Being a small time studio will allow us to experiment more with new ideas and concepts. We plan on trying to do our best to make something new and different compared to our past releases with each release, aside from occasional sequels. 

For our first title we started with something we were comfortable with, small and stupid, and wanted to have fun in the process from start to finish regardless of mistakes or success. We felt  "Gardyloo" was the perfect starting point but at the same time it challenged us and has helped us grow throughout it's development. Currently we will be sticking to 2D games and slowly working our way into 3D as we build our skills and team. One way we will be doing this is by participating in occasional game jams.

Connecting with the players is one of the most important parts of our game development process. We love hearing from YOU, the players, whether it's positive or negative. After all how can we grow to make better products for you in the future if your voice isn't heard. So please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or social media about projects past and future!

So...who are "WE" exactly? Well here are the faces of Apostate Games and a little more on their own personal backstory (click on one for moe info):

Nathan Hicks
Co-Founder - Lead Developer

Jason Varnell
Co-Founder - Lead Artist